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Copyright protects expression. Copyright law gives authors the exclusive rights to copy and control the copying of original material (including software, text, photos, music, and other literary or artistic works). Copyright protects most of what you see and read, including material found on the Internet. It applies to research information, news articles, computer applications, pictures, videotapes, graphics, or music. As soon as pen touches paper or code enters a computer, the Copyright law applies. This is true even if a copyright notice is absent. Copyright protection lasts a long time (potentially as long as 70 years after the death of the creator). If in doubt, you should assume that the material is protected.

If you want to copy or use copyrighted material, you must first get permission from the owner of the copyright. Copying or using copyrighted material (in whole or in part) without obtaining the copyright owner's permission is illegal. Fireman's Fund requires employees to get permission when necessary and to refrain from copying or unauthorized use of copyrighted material if it is impractical to obtain the copyright owner's permission. If you are unsure whether permission is necessary, call the General Counsel's Office.

You may obtain a copy of an image by contacting the Fireman’s Fund archives at (800) 937-4001.

All works created by our employees during the course of their work are "works for hire." Fireman's Fund Insurance Company is the author and copyright owner of "works for hire." If you hire a consultant, be sure the contract contains a provision asserting Fireman's Fund's "work for hire" and "assignment" rights. The General Counsel's Office can provide you with the appropriate language. If you want to obtain a copyright registration on behalf of Fireman’s Fund for a work you think is original and likely to be of value for more than six months, the General Counsel's Office can assist you by filing the necessary application.