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Aftermath of the Berkeley, California fire of September 17, 1923. It was reported that the fire was the largest residential conflagration in history, destroying 641 buildings.

Copyright by McCurry Commercial Photographer, Sacramento.
Reference 4-1-1-1-78, 0509.

Ruins of the Boston fire which burned between November 9th and 10th, 1872. This view is of Hawley Street from Summer Street sometime after the fire was extinguished.

Photograph by John P. Soule, Boston. Courtesy of the Bostonian Society, Old State House.
Reference 3-2-0-1-3, 0231.

View of the ruins of the Chicago fire which burned between October 8 and October 11, 1871.

No copyright indicated.
Reference 3-2-0-1-16, 0231.

Horse-drawn fire engine rushes to the scene of a fire, probably in San Francisco, c. 1897.

Copyright Gabriel Moulin, San Francisco.
Reference 6-3-0-2-16, 1209.

Fire destroys the Los Angeles Automobile Show, 1929.

No copyright indicated.
Reference 4-1-1-1-76, 0509.

View of the Astoria, Oregon waterfront after the fire of December 8, 1922 which destroyed twenty-four city blocks.

Copyright R. I. Gifford Photo, Portland, Oregon.
Reference 4-1-1-1-62, 0508.

Malibu Beach, California after a fire, 1931.

Copyright International Newsreel, Los Angeles.
Reference 4-1-1-1-62, 0508.

Ruins of the great Chicago fire of 1871. Note the new frame building in the foreground.

Copyright United Press International/Acme.
Reference 3-2-0-1-16, 0231.

Fire at Coney Island, New York in 1932 which caused over $2,000,000 in damages.

Copyright Underwood & Underwood.
Reference 4-1-1-1-64, 0508.

Explosion on the Luckenbach pier in Brooklyn, New York, 1956. A small fire in a pile of rubber ignited tanks of acetylene gas.

Copyright United Press International.
Reference 4-1-1-1-162, 0514.

View of Chicago one year after the devastating fire of 1871. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.

No copyright indicated.
Reference 3-2-0-1-16, 0231.

Star Garage in Bradford, Pennsylvania destroyed by fire November 6, 1924.

Copyright Robbins Studio, Bradford.
Reference 4-1-1-1-76, 0509.

Garage in Brooklyn, New York destroyed by fire, 1932.

Copyright Acme Newspictures, New York.
Reference 4-1-1-1-76, 0509.

Spectators flock to the scene of a fire in Dawson, Alaska, 1899.

Copyright E. A Hegg.
Reference 4-1-1-1-79, 0509.

Fire damaged residential area of Sunset Canyon near Los Angeles, California, 1927.

Copyright Los Angeles Times.
Reference 4-1-1-1-83, 0509.

Family inspects the ruins after a fire, 1930s.

Copyright Acme Newspictures, New York.
Reference 4-1-1-1-83, 0509.

Fire destroyed the house but some of the furnishings were saved, 1930s.

Copyright Keystone Views Co., New York.
Reference 4-1-1-1-83, 0509.

Fire destroys a farm building, 1940s.

Copyright Wide World Photos.
Reference 4-1-1-1-83, 0509.

Dock destroyed by fire in Sacramento, California, 1924.

Copyright Frederick Foto Service, Sacramento.
Reference 4-1-1-1-84, 0509.

Fireman's Fund special agents Voorhies and Swift on the Pennsylvania Railroad's Pier K on the Hudson River, Jersey City, New Jersey, 1927.

No copyright indicated.
Reference 4-1-1-1-85, 0509.

Steeple collapses as a school is destroyed by fire in Des Moines, Iowa, 1949.

Copyright Acme Newspictures, Chicago Bureau.
Reference 4-1-1-1-87, 0509.

The State Capitol Building in Salem, Oregon, on fire, April 25, 1935. Damages totaled $1,500,000.

No copyright indicated.
Reference 4-1-1-1-61, 0508.

The Baltimore Post building continues to burn despite the use of high pressure hoses, Baltimore, Maryland, January 1931.

Copyright Keystone View Co., Inc., New York.
Reference 4-1-1-1-68, 0508.

The final run of the last horse-drawn fire engine, belonging to Engine Co. No. 11 of the Chicago, Illinois, Fire Department, before being replaced by motorized fire vehicles, February 5, 1923.

Copyright International Newsreel Corp., Chicago.
Reference 4-1-1-1-73, 0508.

One of New York’s old horse-drawn fire engines, July 1909.

Copyright Ewing Galloway, New York.
Reference 4-1-1-1-73, 0508.

Ice-coated buildings in Leavenworth, Kansas, after firemen fought a 10-hour battle against flames in subzero temperatures, February 10, 1933.

Copyright Acme Newspictures, Inc., New York.
Reference 4-1-1-1-62, 0508.

Firemen extinguishing a blaze following an explosion at a plant of the R.M. Hollingshead Corp. in Camden, New Jersey, July 30, 1940. Much of the $2,000,000 loss was covered by Fireman’s Fund under a Use and Occupancy policy.

Copyright Ledger Photo Service, Philadelphia.
Reference 4-1-1-1-50, 0507.

The steam fireboat David Scannell, part of San Francisco’s auxiliary fire protection system, 1928.

No copyright indicated.
Reference 4-1-1-1-58, 0508.

The Champion Combination Chemical Engine and Hosewagon with attached revolving nozzle in action, Chicago, Illinois, 1902.

Courtesy of the Library of Congress.
Reference 4-1-1-1-74, 0508.

Members of the Wicasset, Maine, Fire Society, founded in 1801 and reputedly the oldest in the country, polishing their 1803 fire engine, August 28, 1940.

Copyright Wide World Photo.
Reference 4-1-1-1-74, 0508.

Firemen in action, Hempstead, New York, 1948.

Copyright The Hindles, Brooklyn, New York.
Reference 4-1-1-1-64, 0508.

Firefighters demonstrate San Francisco’s new high pressure system at Third and Market Streets as the last feature in the city’s "Safety First" week. A dozen streams of water shot skyward for hundreds of feet, topping the tallest buildings, to prove to San Franciscans that the city can never again be destroyed by a conflagration similar to the fire of 1906.

Copyright International, San Francisco
Reference 4-1-1-1-61, 0508.

The J. Hampton Moore, a fireboat in Philadelphia, points its hoses towards a fire. This photograph appeared on the cover of the April 1942 edition of the Fireman’s Fund Record.

Harold M. Lambert, Philadelphia, and Black Star, New York
4-1-1-1-58, 0508

"A battery of fire hoses, reversing the usual procedure, plays its stream down onto the blazing roof of a Philadelphia paper warehouse, while heavy smoke billows skyward. The three-story brick building was badly damaged and thousands of dollars of paper stock were destroyed."

Fireman’s Fund Record, March 1951, Acme photo
4-1-3-4-64, 0412

Shoveling hot ashes into a wooden container, as shown here in the 1940s, was a common fire hazard. Fireman’s Fund took pains to advise against this practice, as well as reminding people to have their furnace pipes and flues inspected before the cold weather set in.

Copyright Acme Photo
4-1-1-1-113, 0510

Inspectors Dabbs and Dobbins demonstrate electrical hazards to a group of Dallas citizens, July 1948.

Fireman’s Fund Record, July 1948
4-2-0-3-6, 0810

Pen and ink of an original San Francisco fire wagon presented to Fireman’s Fund by Mr. Albert Dressler, August 1, 1949.

No copyright indicated.
4-1-1-1-74, 0508

Fire near Philadelphia, circa 1920s. The Fireman’s Fund Record used hundreds of photographs like this one to illustrate its cautionary tales about the dangers of fire and the need for better fire prevention techniques.

Copyright Harold M. Lambert Studios, Philadelphia, PA
4-1-1-1-60, 0508

The New York City fire boat John Purroy Mitchell in front of the Brooklyn Bridge, May 1930, testing out its new Todd mechanical oil-burning equipment. The Todd installations increased the efficiency of fire boats by 33 percent.

International Newsreel
Fireman’s Fund Record, May 1930
4-1-0-1-58, 0508

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