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Employees in the Marine Department at the Fireman's Fund home office, 1895.

Courtesy of the J. B. Levison Memorial Collection.
Reference 4-3-1-2-2, 0819.

Southern Department office in Macon, Georgia, 1911.

No copyright indicated.
Reference 4-3-1-2-2, 0819.

Fire underwriters at work in Fireman's Fund's Eastern Office in Boston, 1921.

No copyright indicated.
Reference 4-3-1-2-7, 0819.

Fireman's Fund headquarters at the corner of California and Sansome Streets, 1889. The building was renovated and expanded in 1884.

Copyright Tabor, San Francisco.
Reference 4-5-1-2-4, 0905.

Laying the cornerstone for the Fireman's Fund's new headquarters building, 1915. The first building was completely destroyed by the earthquake and fire of 1906.

No copyright indicated.
Reference 4-5-2-2-3, 0905.

Inside Fireman's Fund's new home office at 3333 California Street, San Francisco, 1957.

Copyright Gabriel Moulin, San Francisco.
Reference 4-1-3-6-125, 0428.

Fireman's Fund and Marin County Chamber of Commerce officials plant a tree on the future site of the Lucas Valley Computer Center, 1973.

Copyright Cal-Pictures, San Francisco.
Reference 4-1-1-4-134, 0532.

Groundbreaking for the new Fireman's Fund headquarters in Novato, 1980.

No copyright indicated.
Reference 4-1-3-6-358, 0338.

Temporary Fireman's Fund headquarters in Oakland, California, after the earthquake and fire of 1906.

Copyright The Louis A. Lauck Company, San Francisco.
Reference 4-5-2-2-1, 0905.

Fireman's Fund's headquarters building on California Street, San Francisco, 1943.

No copyright indicated.
Reference 4-5-2-2-8, 0905.

Eastern Department office, Mason Building, Boston, Massachusetts, 1920s.

No copyright indicated.
Reference 4-5-4-4-4, 0909.

Eastern Department building at 100 Milk Street, Boston, Massachusetts, c. 1930.

Copyright Shaw Photo Service, Boston.
Reference 4-5-4-4-4, 0909.

Interior of the Underwriting Division of the Western Department, Chicago, Illinois, 1932.

No copyright indicated.
Reference 4-5-4-4-3, 0909.

Southern Department office, Hunt Building, Atlanta, Georgia, c. 1930.

No copyright indicated.
Reference 4-5-4-4-2, 0909.

Entrance to the main floor of the Fire, Indemnity and Marine Underwriting Departments, 116 John Street, New York City, 1950.

Copyright Pat Ruga.
Reference 4-5-4-4-1, 0909.

Atlantic Marine Department office, New York City, 1920s.

Copyright C. Curtis Photo News, New York.
Reference 4-5-4-4-1, 0909.

Fireman's Fund's Seattle, Washington, branch office building, 1950.

Copyright Roger Dudley, Seattle.
Reference 4-1-1-2-85, 0519.

Employees in the Coding and Registration Department of the Southern Department office, Atlanta, Georgia, 1951.

Copyright Reeves, Atlanta.
Reference 4-1-1-3-30, 0522.

Employees in the Fire Department at Fireman’s Fund home office, January 1895.

No copyright indicated.
Reference 4-5-1-2-5, 0905.

Employees at Fireman’s Fund temporary home office in Oakland, California, following the 1906 earthquake and fire, April 6, 1907. President William J. Dutton can be seen at far right.

Copyright American View, San Francisco.
Reference 4-3-1-2-2, 0819.

Fireman’s Fund home office at 3333 California Street, San Francisco, c. 1957.

No copyright indicated.
Reference 4-5-3-3-4, 0906.

Sprucing up a Fireman’s Fund office, 1964.

No copyright indicated.
Reference 4-1-3-6-148, 0430.

Fireman’s Fund American employees at the Insurance Women’s League Convention held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, circa 1965. Alta Kinaid, the President of the Insurance Woman’s League, stands fourth from the right.

Copyright Gleason Photography, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
4-1-3-6-153, 0430

The Southern Department, Atlanta, circa World War I.

The Leader, 1988
4-1-3-10-5, loose

The Zone IV Golden Firehat award, presented annually to the branch with the best profit record.

The Leader, June/July 1988
4-1-3-1-3, loose

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