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Fireman’s Fund’s first insurance policy, issued to Walter Hawxhurst and covering one half interest in 1,000 kegs of Boston syrup, June 18, 1863.

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Reference 3-1-0-1-1, 0221.

Main Street, Johnstown, Pennsylvania after the town was hit by the great flood of 1889. More than 2,200 people perished.

Copyright United Press Associations, New York.
Reference 4-1-1-1-93, 0510.

Hail stones which fell on Greensburg, Pennsylvania, 1933.

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Reference 4-1-1-1-96, 0510.

The communications satellite Telstar undergoing testing at the Bell Telephone Laboratories, February 1962. Telstar was insured by Fireman’s Fund through an Inland Marine policy up to the time of launch.

Photograph from Bell Telephone Laboratories, New York.
Reference 3-1-0-4-16, 0227.

This U.S. Army training aircraft crashed into a house after the pilot bailed out, in Bellemore, New York, January 2, 1936.

Copyright Acme Newspictures Inc.
Reference 4-1-1-1-116, 0511.

Firefighters inspect a house after an explosion which shot two chairs into the ceiling, 1940s.

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Reference 4-1-1-1-55, 0507.

A New York building partially collapses into the street, 1940s.

Copyright International News Photos, New York.
Reference 4-1-1-5-56, 0507.

Cleaning up after the explosion which destroyed four businesses in Tama, Iowa, June 6, 1936.

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Reference 4-1-1-1-49, 0507.

Forty-niners searching for gold wash soil through a sluice in the California Mother Lode.

Courtesy of Wells Fargo Bank, undated. No copyright indicated.
Reference 4-1-1-1-150, 0513.

Members of Boston's John S. Damrell Engine Company No. 11, 1866.

Courtesy of the Bostonian Society.
Reference 4-1-2-3-43, 0714.

Testimonial presented to Fireman's Fund by Chicago businesses following the fire of 1871. Fireman's Fund paid approximately $530,000 to Chicago policyholders.

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Reference 3-2-0-1-15, 0231.

View down Washington Street in Boston, Massachusetts before the great fire of 1872.

Courtesy of the Bostonian Society.
Reference 3-2-0-1-5, 0231.

View down Washington Street in Boston, Massachusetts after the great fire of 1872.

Courtesy of the Bostonian Society.
Reference 3-2-0-1-5, 0231.

Mob on a Seattle wharf waiting to board the Australia bound for the gold fields of Alaska, 1898.

Courtesy of the University of Washington Library.
Reference 6-4-2-4-3, 1224.

Horse-drawn fire engine racing to a fire in Wausau, Wisconsin, undated.

Courtesy of the Library of Congress.
Reference 6-3-0-2-20, 1207.

River boats on the banks of the Ohio River at Louisville, Kentucky, undated.

Courtesy of the Library of Congress.
Reference 4-1-1-1-161, 0514.

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge sways violently just before crashing into Puget Sound, Washington, 1940.

Copyright United Press International.
Reference 3-2-0-2-7, 0232.

Collapsed grain elevators in Fargo, North Dakota, 1950s. Fireman's Fund insured the elevators against a number of named perils, but not in the event of collapse.

Copyright Fargo Forum, a Cal Olson photo.
Reference 4-1-1-1-167, 0514.

Ruskin Heights, Missouri after a tornado in 1957. Fireman's Fund paid about $200,000 to policyholders.

Copyright United Press International.
Reference 3-2-0-2-4, 0232.

Eighteenth century lithograph entitled A Northern Whaling Scene.

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Reference 4-1-1-1-164, 0514.

A miners camp and a line of pack mules heading for the gold fields of the Klondike, c. 1898.

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Reference 6-4-2-4-3, 1224.

Airplane belonging to Adolph Sutro, which he used to set several international records, including a speed record of 51 miles per hour in 1913. Fireman's Fund insured the airplane.

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Reference 3-1-0-4-13, 0227.

Wanted poster for Keith L. Collins, a member of the gang that robbed a mail car in Council Bluffs, Iowa of $3.5 million, 1920.

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Reference 3-2-0-3-54, 0235.

Charles Lindbergh inspecting the Spirit of St. Louis, 1920s.

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Reference 3-1-0-4-11, 0227.

Excavating a road to the Boulder Dam (later renamed Hoover Dam), 1931.

Copyright Lawton & McClure Inc., San Francisco.
Reference 4-1-1-1-42, 0507.

The Texas City, Texas waterfront burning after the explosion of the freighter Grandcamp, 1947.

Copyright United Press International.
Reference 4-1-1-1-52, 0507.

Fishermen secure a trawler in Boston during Hurricane Edna, 1954.

Copyright United Press.
Reference 4-1-1-1-161, 0514.

The Bounty sailing near Tahiti while filming "Mutiny on the Bounty," 1960.

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Reference 3-1-0-4-18, 0227.

Cleaning up on the set of "Apocalypse Now" after a typhoon halted production, 1976.

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Reference 4-1-1-4-73, 0258.

Hand-drawn and hand-operated pumper Broderick No. 1, built in San Francisco in 1850, and returned home in 1947 after being purchased by Fireman’s Fund. Photograph undated.

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Reference 6-3-0-1-17, 1208.

Old Broderick No. 1, manned by the San Francisco Junior Chamber of Commerce, sitting beside a modern San Francisco pumper truck, March 24, 1947. Standing on the deck of Old Broderick is Miss Dolores Elkin of Fireman’s Fund’s Fire Underwriting Department, impersonating San Francisco’s famous Lillie Hitchcock Coit.

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Reference 6-3-0-1-17, 1208.

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company logo on a parcel post open policy, attested to by William Dutton, June 1913

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Reference 3-1-0-4-4, 0227.

"Camera catches burglar at work: B.E. McNeill, manager of a supply company, rigged a camera to his cash drawer after his place had been robbed several times. The elderly intruder tripped the camera shutter when he opened the till." Houston, Texas, December 19, 1952.

Copyright World Wide Photos, Inc.
Reference 4-1-1-1-18, 0505.

During the 1920s and 1930s, the Fireman’s Fund Record recorded a surprising number of stories and photographs of airplane disasters in which airplanes crashed onto the roofs of homes.

International Newsreel, Los Angeles, CA.
4-1-1-1-4, 0505

Automobile trailers became increasingly popular for vacationers during the depression as more families began to take road trips as their vacations. Fireman’s Fund insured house trailers such as these beginning in the 1930s.

Fireman’s’ Fund Record, November, 1936
4-1-1-1-141, 0513

Letterhead for Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company Tourist Baggage Policy, circa 1920s. From the 1920s onwards, vacation insurance and luggage insurance took on increasing importance to Fireman’s Fund as the numbers of Americans vacationing in automobiles each year skyrocketed.

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3-1-0-4-6, 0227

A fire brigade in Tokyo, Japan perform fire drills and feats of strength for the astonished crowds. The contestants must scale the ladders and lower themselves using only their hands.

Copyright International, New York
4-1-1-1-75, 0508

This sign expressed the feelings of New Bedford, Massachusetts fishermen after the 1950 hurricane "Edna".

Wide World Photos
4-1-1-1-157, 0513

A Caterpillar tractor disking a lemon grover on La Paterna Rancho near Coleta, California, July 1947. Fireman’s Fund insured factories such as the one that produced this tractor at the Sherman P. Stow Company in Santa Barbara, CA.

Copyright Moore
4-1-1-1-2, 0505

A tornado in action in Lincolnville, Kansas, 1941. The Fireman’s Fund Record made consistent pleas to its agents during the middle part of the century to protect their clients against wind damage as well as fire and flood.

Acme Newspictures, Inc., New York
4-1-1-1-156, 0513

Screen stars Jane Russell and Robert Mitchum in RKO’s drama "His Kind of Woman." Fireman’s Fund has insured all forms of entertainment over the years under the Excess and Special Risk Division or with a Theatrical Floater form. The Fund has provided cast insurance, prop, scenery and studio insurance, as well as insurance against the non-appearance of performers at live events.

RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.
4-1-1-1-142, 0513

Fireman’s Fund telephone operators plugging into the phone lines after World War II.

The Leader, October/November 1988
4-1-3-1-5, loose

Captain Malcolm Campbell, British holder of the world’s auto speed record, seated in his "Bluebird II" just before a trial run over the sands of Daytona Beach, Florida, in 1931. Captain Campbell hit a maximum speed of over 245 miles an hour in the "Bluebird II". The picture accompanied a story in the Fireman’s Fund Record on improvements in transportation over the preceding century.

Copyright Wide World Photos
4-1-1-1-11, 0505

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