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"Charles Wetmore Kellogg came of sturdy Scottish ancestry which settled in Connecticut in 1652. Descendents located in various parts of the United States, and accordingly Mr. Kellogg came into the world in Ashtabula County, Ohio, May 30, 1839, in which county his childhood and youth were passed.

"When the Civil War broke out he promptly responded to President Lincoln’s call for three months’ volunteers, enlisting later for three years’ service. He was soon promoted to the rank of lieutenant, being later detached to serve on the staff of the general commanding the 1 Brigade, 2 Division, 12 Army Corps. He held lineal rank in his regiment and enjoyed promotions to first lieutenant and captain.

"He continued to serve as staff officer until the close of the war, when he was honorably discharged after the grand review at Washington.

"Engaging in business life, he located at Pittsburgh and became a solicitor and inspector in the fire insurance office of J. Gardner Coffin. So marked were his ability and industry that two years later he became a partner in the firm of Coffin & Kellogg, the arrangement resulting in the commission of the firm for the organization of a western department for the Franklin of Philadelphia. This management grew into a large and successful agency business which continued until April 1872, when the department was removed to Philadelphia. In 1874 the partnership was terminated by limitation, Mr. Kellogg succeeding the firm as manager, which position he retained until 1881 when he resigned.

"His next connection was as general agent of the National of Hartford at the home office which position he relinquished after about a year’s service to become vice-president and fire manager of the Shoe & Leather of Boston, but before his department was fairly organized heavy marine losses moved the directors to retire the company.

"In April 1885 Mr. Kellogg was tendered and accepted a position as manager for the organization of the Eastern Department of the Fireman’s Fund of California, and to this institution he devoted nearly 25 years of hard and successful work, covering the supervision of some 800 high grade producing agents in 13 states.

"In the cruelly long and trying months following the San Francisco Fire of 1906 Mr. Kellogg was a tower of strength for his company, and his superb confidence in, and loyalty to the home office was communicated to agents and brokers to such an extent that the splendid business of the Eastern Department was preserved practically intact.

"That this confidence was not misplaced, the world now knows as the Fireman’s Fund satisfied all claimants and is again in a flourishing condition."

Qouted From The Standard, June 12, 1909, Fireman’s Fund Archives [04-03-01-001-0133-0815]


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