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From the Fireman's Fund Record, Vol. XL, No. 3, Page 11, March 1923.

"We date the family's entrance into the insurance business in this vicinity," writes Mr. Root, "from an entry made in my grandfather's old bank books in 1856. There is no question of our family selling the first insurance here and we have always advertised the 'oldest agency locally with record of never contesting a loss' and that 'the name ROOT has guaranteed the quality of insurance in this locality since 1856.'

"We have also always laid great stress on the fact that each company represented has only been retained after we have found that they adhered to the high standard that we required for indemnity and service to our customers."

The C. L. Root Agency at Clinton, Iowa, was founded by Aurelius Clark Root, a New Englander. He was succeeded by his son, Joseph Cullen Root. I. C. Root was succeeded in turn by his brother, C. L. Root. Today the agency is owned and managed by the third generation, another A. C. Root, son of C. L. Root. He has been brought up in the business and not only has had many years of insurance experience but has also specialized in forms for proper coverage.

For fifty years the Fireman's Fund has been represented in the Root Agency by three generations of the same family.

Not only is the Root Agency the largest in its vicinity, but every member of the Root family has made a conspicuous success in other enterprises outside of insurance.

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