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Airplane belonging to Adolph Sutro, which he used to set several international records, including a speed record of 51 miles per hour in 1913. Fireman's Fund insured the airplane.

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Laying the cornerstone for the Fireman's Fund's new headquarters building, 1915. The first building was completely destroyed by the earthquake and fire of 1906.

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A shipment of gold insured by FFIC is stolen from the steamer Humbolt. The company pays the loss and spends the next seven years trying to recover the gold.

Premium income is $5,472,766.

FFIC takes over the business of the Hawkeye Insurance Company, the largest insurance company in Iowa.

FFIC celebrates its 50th Anniversary. Since 1863 the company has paid more than $50,000,000 in losses and more than $1,000,000 in dividends.

The company issues the first airplane policy ever written in the world.

William Dutton retires as president.

Bernard Faymonville begins his three-year term as FFIC's sixth president.

FFIC moves into the adjacent Insurance Exchange Building while new offices are built on California and Sansome Streets.

FFIC moves its head office into new headquarters on California and Sansome Streets.

Total premium income is $10 million.

Total premiums are $14 million ($7 million from marine insurance).

Bernard Faymonville retires as president.

Jacob Levison begins his twenty-year term as president.

War conditions necessitate the end of the Franz Herrmann marine agency in New York.

Home Fire and Marine Insurance Company resumes operations.

Capital increases to $3,000,000.

FFIC and partner, Home Fire and Marine, form an underwriters' annex called the Occidental Underwriters.

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