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Agency sign of the Home Mutual Insurance Company. Fireman's Fund acquired Home Mutual in 1892 and it became the Home Fire and Marine Insurance Company in 1900.

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A miners camp and a line of pack mules heading for the gold fields of the Klondike, c. 1898.

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The company reinsures the marine business of Anglo-Nevada Assurance Corporation when that company decides to dissolve. It is FFIC's first major growth through the acquisition of the business of another company.

William Dutton is elected vice president and hires Anglo-Nevada's marine secretary Jacob B. Levison as FFIC's first marine secretary.

FFIC appeals to agents to push the sale of windstorm insurance.

FFIC takes over the marine business of the Union Insurance Company of San Francisco, one of many companies reinsured by FFIC in the 1890s.

FFIC purchases the Home Mutual Insurance Company. The name is later changed to Home Fire and Marine Insurance Company.

FFIC reinsures the entire fire and marine liability of the California Insurance Company.

FFIC takes over the Oakland Home Fire Insurance Company.

FFIC establishes the Southern Department in Macon, Georgia with Edgar Wilson, manager. The department is a result of the reinsurance of the Macon Fire Insurance Company.

J. B. Levison establishes the Atlantic Marine Department in New York and hires Joseph Hadley as manager.

FFIC absorbs the Sun Insurance Company of San Francisco by reinsuring its entire outstanding business.

Klondike Fever spreads when gold is discovered in Alaska.

October 16: David Staples submits a letter of resignation to the board. William Dutton succeeds him the following year. Bernard Faymonville becomes vice president and J. B. Levison becomes second vice president.

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